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Environment & Responsibility
Going beyond environmental compliance can bring business benefits. Many businesses have realized that acting in a socially and environmentally responsible way is more than just a legal duty. It affects your bottom line and the long-term success of your business. We provide solution for your long term commitment to responsible and sustainable business. We can provide all the sustainability-related facts required for informed decision-making and successful business development. Our experts carry out sustainability assessments using the latest knowledge, methods and standards. We are capable of providing future-oriented insight on the development of environmental policies and sustainable business concepts.

Energy & Climate
Energy and climate issues are like a train that keeps moving. No matter what is on the news today, businesses, politicians and authorities face an unprecedented challenge: how to turn the tracks towards sustainable ways of producing and consuming energy? Our clients use our services to rethink their strategy, to map future pathways in their markets, and to rework their operations. The best way towards sustainable energy and climate solutions is through profits. Economic realities dictate which projects are eligible for funding. With us you can become more competitive, innovative, sustainable, and at the same time, provide wider environmental and societal benefit.

Carbon Footprint Calculation & Verification
The carbon footprint assessment helps to control the climate impacts of organizations, products, events and municipalities. It provides practical information enabling to save costs and mitigate climate change. At Gaia-dB, carbon footprint is calculated reliably with high expertise to a profitable price. We define the carbon footprint easily and cost-efficiently and illustrate the results in a clear and understandable way. CARBON FOOTPRINT CALCULATOR is an ideal tool to help raise awareness, measure emissions, reduce costs and engage staff in your carbon management programme. 

Strategic Research & Innovation
Small solutions, big returns. Using the latest knowledge, methods and standards, we are capable of providing future-oriented insight on sustainable development. We can achieve significant breakthroughs through science and innovation. We have scientific knowledge that are rarely available in the area.

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